Empowered In-Plants Tell All: Success Stories from the Field

Top in-plant print centers from around the US in insurance, higher education, government and healthcare share their secrets of success, how they stay relevant, what they see in the future, and their insights for other in-plants.

Watch and learn how 4 top in-plants make their print centers successful as they provide their insights at our Graph Expo 2012 panel session. Listen as they discuss their answers to questions covering:

  • What makes them successful
  • The greatest impact on their success
  • What didn't work and how they moved forward
  • Demonstrating strategic value and keeping relevant
  • Biggest challenges
  • Future changes for improvement
  • Do's and Don'ts
  • General Advice
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About this Presentation

Presented At: Graph Expo 2012

Moderators: Elisha Kasinskas (Rochester Software Associates)

Panelists: Jimmy Friend (UNT), Debbie Gallagher (State of Oregon), Gene Voelker (Parkeview Health, IN), and Phil Larson (Shepherd OK, formerly American Fidelity [AFPress] and grafaccent)

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