ImpactVDP Variable Data Printing Module

Full-featured variable data printing module included with WebCRD.

ImpactVDP is RSA's solution for variable data (VDP) template design and ordering from a browser. ImpactVDP is streamlined and easy to use for the print center and customers. There is no template design software to install and it saves steps by creating press-ready imposed PDF output. ImpactVDP is included with WebCRD.


ImpactVDP Delivers Variable Data Printing and All Its Benefits to Your Business

Expand print center offerings: include personalized, customized documents and keep more work in house.

Make it fast and easy for employees to order variable data documents without tying up designer time.

Give designers access to template creation tools without needing to download and install any software.

Improve customer satisfaction and accuracy: variable document changes preview and update while editing.


ImpactVDP Designer Gives You More Control Than Ever Before


Build and fully test template designs and outputs before making the template available for ordering.

Use corporate fonts and colors to maintain brand standards.

Upload images to templates through drag and drop; with support for rotation, sizing, location, scaling, and locking.

Optionally give customers design flexibility when ordering by allowing or locking template elements.

Integrate static and variable content, set fonts and colors, and apply formatting for phone numbers, dates, titles, etc.

Use transparency, layers, grid lines, and a full set of keyboard commands to create stunning designs.

ImpactVDP Ordering Delivers a Fast and Satisfying Customer Experience

Click the "Configure" button to add personalization and customization to the document template.

Enter data and make changes directly to editable/unlocked template elements and fields.

Create multiple customized documents at once by uploading multi-record Excel / CSV files to the template.

Reduce time and mistakes: automatically populate user profile data into the template, where appropriate.

Preview your personalized, customized changes immediately as you fill out the template.


Will ImpactVDP Solve Your Unique Print Center Challenges?

Find out how ImpactVDP can best meet the specific needs of your print center operations. Ask questions and see ImpactVDP in action in a walk-through demonstration of the software.

Download the ImpactVDP Brochure

Get more in-depth details, features, integrations, and specifications for this product in our downloadable PDF brochure.

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