Datacenter: Transform and Print Legacy Formats

Transform legacy printing from LCDS, DJDE, Metacode, IPDS to PostScript and PDF.

Since 1986, RSA has been integrating Datacenters and Print Centers. RSA's specialized Datacenter solutions allow you to transform your legacy LCDS, DJDE, XES, Metacode and IPDS to PostScript and PDF, with the reliability and performance to run your printers at rated speed.

Why Use Our Datacenter Transform Solutions?

Leverage modern production PostScript printers while maintaining your legacy applications and workflows

Convert legacy documents to PDF for easy archiving, viewing, searching, and printing to all printers

Replace expensive, leased equipment and reduce costs by adding our 100% software transform solutions

Manage resources (fonts, logos, and images) in a central location, and share among multiple printers

No extra hardware required when run co-resident on supported production printers

Reprint directly from our software without reprocessing at the source

Extensive connectivity options for a flexible workflow

Our Transform Products


IPDSPrint transforms IPDS datacenter documents for efficient print, storage, and retrieval.

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M.I.S. Print

M.I.S. Print transforms LCDS and metacode datacenter documents for efficient print, storage, and retrieval.

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Repurpose legacy documents as PDF files for viewing, archiving, searching, and reprinting

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Mainframe Downloader

Print from your mainframe to production printers using TCP/IP without specialized hardware.

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