Web 2 Print: A Solution that Fits

Finding a solution that fits. Reducing touches to save money and time.

Freese & Nichols simple addition of web to print has advanced the print shop's footprint within the firm and saved money and time.

From a session at the annual IPMA conference, watch and learn as in-plant Freese and Nichols shares:

  • How web to print has advanced their print shop's footprint within the firm
  • How web to print saved them money and time.
  • Interesting industry web to print facts.
  • How to¬†leverage web to print software as a tracking mechanism for asset management.
  • How many touches it takes to get to the end product in an in-plant print shop.
  • How many touches could be saved by implementing a web to print solution.

Gain insights into Freese and Nichols successful use of web to print and determine if web to print can help your in-plant. Download the presentation slides.

Learn What Freese and Nichols Thinks About WebCRD

Watch their customer testimonial video to learn more about what they think about their Web to print solution from RSA.

About this Presentation

Presented At: IPMA Conference 2014

Presenters: Staci Hill (Freese and Nichols)

Sponsors: Rochester Software Associates

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