IPMA In-Plants Make A Splash Lunch Panel at Graph Expo

Watch as three in-plant print centers and Howie Fenton discuss remaining relevant during a session hosted by the In-plant Printing and Mailing Association (IPMA).

Session highlights, including Howie Fenton and a key insight from each of the in-plant panelists. 

Learn from InfoTrends Howie Fenton's analysis and presentation about how to improve in-plant performance. Also learn how higher education in-plant print center leaders from UC Davis, Fairfield University, and Cedarville University have kept their in-plants relevant and experiencing growth.

For a quick overview, please watch the Session Highlights.

Get More Ideas from In-Plant Leaders

Download our Colorful In-Plant Ideas Book, a compilation of ideas and examples from four top in-plant leaders.

About this Presentation

Presented At: Graph Expo 2015 (IPMA Session)

Moderators: Howie Fenton (InfoTrends)

Panelists: Brian Wadell (UC Davis), Curtis Ebdon (Fairfield University), and Tammy Slone (Cedarville University)

Sponsors: Rochester Software Associates (RSA)

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