WebCRD's Print Workflow Automation and the 5 Factors That Make FVTC Shine

A Fox Valley Technical College showcase by Rochester Software Associates.

Shana Farrell (Fox Valley Technical College) shares how WebCRD has helped make it easier to do business with the print center.

Fox Valley Technical College (FVTC) in Appleton, Wisconsin works with more than 50,000 students annually. With a main campus in multiple outreach centers throughout a five county region, FVTC employs more than 300 instructors and more than 1,000 adjunct instructors.

The seven person, centralized Printing Services operation supplies all students and instructors with curricula and classroom materials, and marketing and operational materials, such as business cards. Producing over one million impressions monthly in a multi-vendor environment, the department is charged with providing high quality cost-effective document and printing related communications using technology, innovation and efficient processes that control cost. In seeking an in-plant web-to-print solution, they placed a high priority on reducing the number of touches, accelerating turnaround time, and improving accountability and tracking.

WebCRD's automation has delivered higher satisfaction for everyone at the college. Satisfied customers are getting their orders faster, and the printing services department has more time to focus on the strategic direction of the college. The web-to-print application has:

  • Contributed to an 86% cycle time reduction-- now just two days, down from two weeks
  • Eliminated 97% of the manual work associated with digital monochrome jobs
  • Greatly reduced print operator touches from four touches to just two for 85% of the shop's volume

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