In-plant Graphics Villanova Presentation:
Web to Print Make or Break: What Lies Ahead After the Decision to Move Forward

Learn critical areas that can make or break your Web to print implementation from Villanova University

Villanova was the first university in the country to implement Web to print software (WebCRD) for faculty, staff and students. Director of Central Services, Mike George relates his experiences implementing and growing Web to print in an In-plant Graphics luncheon during Graph Expo, sponsored by RSA.

Several critical considerations after deciding to purchase Web to print software can make or break your implementation. George outlines their learnings and process covering:

  • Identifying key players and their roles
  • The implementation plan and other installation considerations
  • Identifying your "sweet spot"
  • Marketing, branding and communicating benefits and ease of use
  • Reporting, tracking, and growth

Addressing of these areas is necessary to gain and keep customer software adoption high.

Download the Villanova University Case Study

Get more details about Villanova's success with WebCRD.

About this Presentation

Presented At: Graph Expo 2014

Presenters: Mike George (Villanova University)

Sponsors: Rochester Software Associates

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