Top Insurer's Digital Print Workflow with RSA Solutions

Learn how WebCRD Web to print and other RSA workflow software have benefitted this insurance firm

Print Facility Manager, John Rohrer of American Fidelity, discusses workflow and benefits of his Web to Print solution, WebCRD.

Longtime customer American Fidelity uses RSA's datacenter transform (M.I.S. Print) software, QDirect output manager, and WebCRD Web to print software to automate their entire workflow from the data center to orders from customers globally- inside and outside of American Fidelity.

In this WebCRD User Group presentation, hear how their automated workflow has turned "organized chaos" into a secure automated workflow. Learn:

  • About American Fidelity and their print operation
  • How workflow tools are used for typical jobs like as checks, signage, forms and brochures
  • How they control user access to thousands of forms with WebCRD (forms can vary by branch office)
  • How easy it is for agents to order Variable Data Print jobs using WebCRD Dynamics
  • The benefits they have experienced, including: a secure repository, ease of use, approval workflows, and tracking and reporting.

Download the American Fidelity Case Study

About this Presentation

Presented At: Graph Expo 2014 (WebCRD User Group)

Presenters: John Rohrer (American Fidelity Assurance)

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