Executive Brief: Where to Web-to-Print? Hosted versus On-Site

Deciding between a Hosted/ASP/SaaS or a Licensed Web-to-Print solution? Read this first!

In the in-plant and production print industry, the question is no longer: "Should I implement a web to print solution?" but rather: "Which web to print solution is right for my organization?" Web to print solutions offer two primary configurations of Web to print: Hosted and On-Site.  Knowing and understanding these two configurations will help you determine the best web to print solution for your print center.

In our executive brief Where-Web-to-Print? you will:

  • Read about the key differences between Hosted and On-Site web to print configurations
  • Learn the advantages and disadvantages of Hosted versus On-Site solutions
  • Discover how to determine which configuration will work best for your print shop
  • Read a customer case study

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  • Where-to-Web-to-Print?

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