WebCRD Makes Every Hour More Valuable for San Bernardino

A San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools case study by Rochester Software Associates.

I love WebCRD, and I am very happy with the great service we receive from RSA.

Nancy Anderson

Senior Software Systems Developer

Customer Background/Solution Overview

San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools provides educational services to students of San Bernardino Country who are at risk and have special needs, and supports all students and schools by providing business and training services throughout the county. The office is led by a superintendent with several assistant superintendents and employs more than 2,000 professionals, teachers, and support staff at eight administrative sites and classrooms throughout the county. San Bernardino County is the largest county in California; it covers 22,000 square miles – an area larger than many Eastern states.

The San Bernardino Superintendent of Schools (or SBCSS) has a Managed Print Services arrangement for their fleet of distributed copiers and runs its own print center with a three-person staff. The print center prints classroom materials for the special classrooms they serve, but the majority of printed jobs are materials for their coordinators in Education Services who use them to train teachers of all students. The print center operates two black and white printers, one color printer, and one offset press.

San Bernardino got much more than a web store front

Several years ago, the county was looking into solutions for web-based job submission to the print center. “One of our goals has always been to not just keep up with the print needs of our operations, but to also provide tools that make it easier for both staff and customers to use our services,” explains Nancy Anderson, Sr. Software Systems Developer. “While I was investigating web solutions, Rochester Software Associates’ WebCRD™ solution was presented to us by a vendor replying to our RFP. We immediately saw it would accomplish what we needed and so much more.” WebCRD enables online submission of digital input, automated job ticketing and routing to the most available device, cost accounting, and more.

We also all love the quality we’re achieving. With jobs coming in digitally, users have really seen the quality of their jobs improve and we’re that much more efficient as a print center.

Becky Ramirez

Reprographic Operator

70 hours each month is a lot of valuable time for a print center to get back

When jobs were manually submitted to the print center, chargebacks had to be recorded manually for each job to every department. With a 26-digit account code hand-written by the user, print center staff often didn’t know until months later if a wrong number was used. “Each of our three-person staff was spending a least one hour every day on accounting issues,” explains Anna Mendez, Lead Reprographics Technician. “Plus, I spent another 10 hours a month creating a report for Business Services that they only used to manually create their own report.” WebCRD not only assures accuracy because account numbers are validated when submitting the job, but it has also freed up more than 70 hours a month of print center time. That doesn’t even count time saved for Business Services.

Top Signs of WebCRD Success

Increased use

“We know we’re achieving our goal of satisfying customers because we’re seeing WebCRD submissions coming from everywhere,” says Nancy Anderson. “Through our MPS contract we have increased the availability of distributed convenience copiers from eight devices to 40, but we have also made the cost of using these machines and our print center more transparent. As users are watching their budget line items, they’re choosing the print center more and more, especially for color jobs. The print center is not only less expensive, but our quality is also much higher than departmental machines.”

More Print Ready Jobs Submitted

“Not everyone understands what print ready means right away,” explains Anna Mendez. “But with quick training, users are empowered to make their own print ready jobs. These jobs require little to no operator input, which makes the print shop that much more efficient. In training, we also stress the availability to print preview using the SurePreview feature in WebCRD, especially for color jobs, so we can avoid costly reprints and provide the best quality.”

WebCRD has actually enabled San Bernardino to increase attendance in training overall. With a manual process, users didn’t see the need for training. Now with a digital process, users learn the value of print ready submission and print preview while they are learning how to navigate the system. The print center provides quarterly training throughout the year and one-on-one sessions whenever needed.

Satisfaction is the greatest measure of success

“Our staff and our customers love the ease of use of WebCRD,” says Marco Villalobos, Reprographic Operator. “It has a really friendly interface.”

“RSA helped us install and launch WebCRD in six months,” says Nancy Anderson, Sr. Software Systems Developer “Change is always hard, but they made it happen.”

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Solutions Used by Customer


  • Reduce touches of jobs in the print center
  • Improve user satisfaction with submission process
  • Reduce time consuming reporting and accounting tasks


Annual Impressions:3.6 Million
Annual Jobs:2,050


  • WebCRD™ automated work flow
  • SurePreview™ of finished product for all jobs submitted
  • Reporting capabilities and enterprise integration


  • Web to print submission for 100% of all jobs
  • Enthusiastic Customer Satisfaction
  • 70 hr/month of manual accounting eliminated
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