Leander Independent School District Gets By With a Little Help from WebCRD

A Leander Independent School District case study by Rochester Software Associates.c

Leander Independent School District’s motto is “SUCCESS spoken here”. WebCRD helps ensure that success!

Colleges, Universities and School Districts share common challenges when it comes to print out- put. How to control costs while meeting users’ requirements?

Can print facilities become more efficient while improving quality? How can organizations in- crease print volume yet keep everyone satisfied? In Education, expectations are on the rise yet budgets are in decline.

Technology can be the answer, but only when applied properly. Software from Rochester Soft- ware Associations, Inc., combined with Sun systems, make for reliable and efficient workflows. WebCRD with SurePDF, based on Adobe® PDF JobReady™, delivers work to production in a form that is ready to output with 100% fidelity.

Leander Independent School District is one of the fastest growing school districts in the country… perhaps the fastest with the influx of students displaced by hurricanes. With such a high growth rate, the burden placed on the printing department was enormous.

Leander had great production printing equip- ment, but the problem was in Job Acquisition— getting the jobs in to be produced. Jobs used to arrive via “plastic tubs”, delivered by courier!

WebCRD was just what we needed! We have enjoyed great support from the people at RSA over the past year. RSA has been very open to enhancement requests. We are particularly ex- cited about Approval Authority, a new feature we helped shape!

Jennifer Espinoza

Leander Independent School District


Now, with WebCRD from RSA, users submit jobs electronically and receive email job status notifications. Operators spend time producing print jobs instead of literally rummaging through tubs to find jobs and check their status in response to phone calls and emails. The WebCRD solution has already paid for itself. Job accounting and cost-tracking is now possible.

Users and operators benefit from an easy and reliable workflow but also use the capabilities of WebCRD to chargeback departments accurately.

One of the concerns at Leander was quality and SurePDF™ from RSA ensures 100% document fidelity.

With SurePDF, jobs are converted to PDF at the desktop, using the user’s fonts and applications, along with the print center’s standardized PDF settings, to make sure the job is correct before it is submitted. RSA’s SurePDF is based on Adobe® PDF JobReady™ for guaranteed compatibility and reliability.

A valuable feature of SurePDF is that the license covers an unlimited number of users. Leander is growing at such a rate that an unending license fee could have been prohibitive. Now, they can keep their costs under control, manage jobs, and even increase volume thanks to an efficient, intelligent workflow based on RSA’s WebCRD.

WebCRD is a modular, flexible platform for web submission. Leander was able to pick from a menu of options to configure exactly what modules they needed, with the ability to add more if their needs changed. For example, Leander added the Real-Time Authentication module, so users can login using their employee ID in the district’s LDAP Directory.

Jennifer Espinoza, the Document Production Center Manager for Leander is a big fan of RSA and WebCRD. Espinoza raves “WebCRD was just what we needed! We have enjoyed great support from the people at RSA over the past year. RSA has been very open to enhancement requests. We are particularly excited about Approval Authority, a new feature we helped shape!”

Approval Authority was originally designed to enable managers to either approve or deny jobs based on cost. As Leander began to rollout the system, Jennifer was happy to hear that Approval Authority was in the works for the next release of WebCRD. Jennifer made the request that a manager could also review the content, and make changes as desired. For example, a manager could try to cut costs by converting a perfect bound, full color job request to 3 hole punch, black and white.

Based on Jennifer’s request, this enhanced capability became part of WebCRD’s Approval Authority functionality. The best part is, as a WebCRD Pro customer under maintenance, Leander is entitled to this feature at no additional charge!

The Partner Analyst said it best. “I would not think of another partner to work with for web submission.” RSA’s WebCRD, just like RSA’s Transform and Enterprise Output Management solutions, does what it says it will do. RSA”s 100% Guarantee ensures this but RSA’s support team and engineers back up that guarantee. The Solution Manager for the account adds “RSA has been a great partner. We know that their products work as advertised and will integrate well with our production printers. RSA makes our solutions more efficient, more effective, and more attractive.”

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