Progressive Insurance's Insourcing Journey- A Seven-Step Process

This insurance in-plant print center discusses how they balance in-plant and outsourced print.

Tom Rohrbach, IT Systems Engineer Consultant, shares Progressive's 7-step framework for determining their optimal balance of in-house and outsourced work and key project learnings.

One of the top three in-plants in the US, Progressive, was sending millions of dollars of creative (marketing) print work for production outside the in-plant but didn't know if this was the most cost-effective way to complete the work.

In the 4-minute session video recap, hear more about the framework for the analysis and how they are answering the question of cost effectiveness.

Watch the full 30-minute video and learn:

  • Details of the 7 steps to develop the best internal/external balance
  • How to analyze your entire project workflow, equipment and software
  • Benefits, including improved cost, turnaround and brand control
  • Key insights like the importance of data, IT and champions

Presented at In-plant Graphics Graph Expo luncheon sponsored by RSA, Rohrbach offers a firsthand look and invaluable insights about how in-plant, corporate and in-house print centers can ensure that they are producing the work where it makes the most sense to best meet the needs of their parent organizations.

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About this Presentation

Presented At: Graph Expo 2015

Presenters: Tom Rohrbach (IT Systems Engineer Consultant at Progressive Insurance)

Sponsors: Rochester Software Associates (RSA)

Presented at In-plant Graphics Graph Expo 2015 luncheon.

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