In-Plant Panel: Conquering the Top 8 In-Plant Challenges

In-plant print centers in media, healthcare, insurance and higher education share how they overcome outsourcing, staying relevant, reducing costs, increasing efficiency, and communicating to management.

Reporting includes monthly, quarterly and annual reports. Use to increase awareness, report failures and successes. Bloomberg no longer says "savings."

Get key insights from each panel member, including advice for other in-plant print centers regarding how they mitigate the outsourcing risk, stay relevant, communicate to management and more.

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About this Presentation

Presented At: Graph Expo 2016

Moderators: Elisha Kasinskas (Rochester Software Associates (RSA))

Panelists: Mike George (Villanova University), John Cruser (Bloomberg), Gayle Robinson (Tanner Health System), and Amy Bellows (Mutual of Omaha Insurance Company)

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