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Med School Builds Their Ideal Print Center from Scratch

I don't know how we could have done any of what we currently do without WebCRD.

Hannah Golesh

Print Center Supervisor, Rocky Vista University

Customer Background/Solution Overview.

While many universities improve the productivity and quality of their print center by adding Web to Print technology, Rocky Vista University in Parker, CO launched their first print center with it already in place to better serve their approximately 1,400 medical students, and around 300 employees on two campuses in Colorado and Utah.

Before 2017, Rocky Vista had a variety of print solutions for the employees and students, but they were managed by different departments; a color production printer was utilized in the marketing department to print marketing materials including newsletters, brochures, and letterhead; a wide format printer was housed in a professor’s office to print research posters; and students printed on self-serve printers that were managed by the library staff.

In November 2017, it was decided that these services should be combined into a Print Center to better serve faculty, staff and students and streamline the process. Rocky Vista created their Print Center by combining the existing wide-format and color production printer and adding a new black and white production printer. All these machines were placed in one centralized, convenient location. They knew they should use a Web to Print ordering system to make it convenient and easy for students, faculty, and staff to order prints on two campuses, and WebCRD was their first choice.

A Lean and Highly Productive Printing Operation has Come to Life.

The Rocky Vista University Print Center’s two full-time employees mostly print spiral bound course material books, brochures, flyers, posters, stickers, business cards, letterhead, and notepads. With WebCRD they’re able to accept orders 24/7/365. "WebCRD saves us so much time. Orders are often placed with all the information needed to go directly into production. Previously, it would take multiple emails to nail down exactly what the customer was looking for. Now we get quantity, paper type, size, and print output all in one order. Plus, we don’t have to search through emails to track orders as orders are all centralized in one convenient location for me and my production staff. We can add notes and know exactly what is happening with that print job at any given moment," stated Golesh.

Delivering on the Mission to Reduce Outsourcing and Increase Satisfaction.

One of the goals of opening an in-house print center was to save the university money by minimizing outsourcing. The Print Center immediately started producing business cards in-house and eliminated more than $2,000 of the previous year’s outsourcing. WebCRD’s template-based ordering made it easy for faculty, staff and students to see their business card design options and order with a few clicks. "We love having more control of our product, saving the university money, and helping our faculty, staff and students focus on their real priorities," explains Golesh. "Ours students, faculty and staff are constantly amazed by the fast turnaround times of the Print Center."

We understand that printing can be a hassle at times, so we aim to alleviate some of that stress.

Hannah Golesh

Print Center Supervisor, Rocky Vista University

WebCRD is Smarter than any Manual Process.

Before there was a Print Center, marketing would email all departments once a year to solicit their letterhead orders. The departments would email their orders with quantities and Marketing would have to compile them all into a spreadsheet for production. With WebCRD in place, the Print Center and departments can now log in and place orders at any time. This feature was particularly important during the periods of the Covid-19 pandemic when university employees were placing orders from home.

"The objective of the Print Center is to provide an essential service for students and employees while limiting the need for outsourcing of print materials," says Golesh. "We understand that printing can be a hassle at times, so we aim to alleviate some of that stress."

ImpactVDP Helps Both the Print Center and Its Customers.

The recent introduction of ImpactVDP allowed the Print Center to create variable and personalized items for customers including fillable letterhead and envelopes, customized notepads, and cards. "With ImpactVDP, I only need one template for letterhead and envelopes. Faculty and staff can now select their appropriate campus location from a dropdown and then personalize their letter. The other custom templates allow customers to design their custom files, which helps to make their orders ready for production quickly," says Golesh.

ReadyPrint Saves Time and Minimizes Mistakes.

Before installing ReadyPrint, the Print Center used a Word template for tabs. Because it only allowed five tabs, they would have to create multiple documents to add more, manually add needed blank pages for duplex jobs, and manually add tabs after printing. "ReadyPrint allows us to add tabs directly into the file, automatically adds the blank pages, and gives us the opportunity to preview the entire job before printing," says Golesh. "By printing the entire job at once with tabs in place, we eliminate manual sorting, minimize mistakes, and save hours of prepress work. ReadyPrint also helps us to produce beautiful spot-free scans."

Bringing Things Together Makes Tracking Jobs Easier.

The Print Center didn’t just make things more efficient by pulling hardware together; all of marketing’s flyers and brochures, admission’s recruiting materials and the faculty’s class manuals that used to require repetitive manual orders, can now be ordered, produced, and tracked efficiently right in WebCRD.

"When faculty creates manuals, we can post them on the website where students can order them," says Golesh. "Now, it’s much easier to track all the orders across two campuses with one central portal. We don’t have to go back through hundreds of emails to see who ordered what. The software shows the name, what they ordered, any notes we’ve added, and exactly where the job is in the process. I don't know how we could have done any of this without WebCRD."

RSA Doesn’t Just Answer Questions, They Offer Training.

Rocky Vista uses RSA's hosted WebCRD solution so there is no need for staff to bother with server maintenance or software updates, but they can still have questions about features and settings. "Anytime I have a question and can't figure something out, RSA gets back to me quickly," says Golesh. "They’ll often do a quick call and go over everything with me in an ad hoc training session, so I know exactly how to do something. It usually ends up with me learning about other features that I didn’t know about before."

Another way RSA software makes things easier for the Print Center and their customers is eliminating the need to keep track of additional login credentials. Rocky Vista has recently incorporated WebCRD's Single Sign-on (SSO) capabilities so students and employees can now use their university credentials to log in and order print items.

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Solutions Used by Customer


  • Time consuming manual workflow
  • Manual design and production of personalized documents
  • Manual request tracking and multiple ordering processes


Students (two campuses):1,400
Total Employees:300+
Shop Employees:2 Full-time
Jobs:3,5k /Yr.
Impressions:660K /Yr.


  • WebCRD™ Web to Print
  • ImpactVDP™
  • ReadyPrint™ prepress


  • Business card turnaround 90% faster
  • Easy ordering of customized university collateral, calendars, and signage
  • One central 24/7/365 portal for all jobs

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