Multi-State Bank Finds Multiple Uses for Multiple RSA Offerings

A Multi-State Bank case study by Rochester Software Associates

Anytime an enterprise spans multiple locations, ordinary challenges are multiplied, sometimes exponentially. In a small office, everyone can see if a printer is busy or otherwise unavailable and they can simply print to another printer. Introduce multiple locations and users need a mechanism to reliably route print jobs to an appropriate (and available) printer.

Once Upon a Bank

One bank in particular had Print Centers on the West Coast, Midwest, and East Coast and needed to easily redirect Reports to any of those locations. Network jobs needed to be sent through an Open System to various printers at different locations based on priority.

Call the Cops

QDirect, from Rochester Software Associates, Inc., ended up fitting the bill, acting as a “Traffic Cop” for all enterprise printing. Jobs are routed through QDirect, which enables automated and manual routing based on job characteristics. QDirect also offers detailed reporting, so complete accounting and chargeback are possible.

But Wait, There’s More

In addition to network printing, the customer had legacy LCDS / DJDE mainframe data streams that required a dedicated, expensive and proprietary printer. Enter RSA’s M.I.S. Print to transform legacy data streams to industry standard PostScript, with confidence thanks to RSA’s 100% Guarantee.

The bank was able to eliminate the expense of a proprietary printer, and move legacy printing to a faster, modern PostScript Production Printer. In addition to the cost savings in eliminating the legacy printer, efficiencies are greatly improved by consolidating around the new printers.

Keep ‘Em Coming

Compounding their requirements, the bank needed redundancy on-site as well as between locations, to keep jobs printing in the event of a system, printer, or even location outage.

RSA’s solutions are deployed on the reliable Sun platform, so uptime is maximized and redun- dancy is second nature. RSA’s Disaster Recovery capabilities further enhance uptime.

Keep it in House

Previously, the bank relied on Pitney Bowes, with corresponding expensive maintenance costs. The successful implementation, in three stages (West Coast, Midwest, and East Coast) proved to the customer that RSA could handle their tough requirements and free them from an expensive outsourcing contract.

Taking it to the Bank

The customer was able to bring print in-house and eliminate the cost of Facilities Management, control their own print, and add redundancy with other locations thanks to QDirect’s Open System Architecture.

Quality and satisfaction has improved as well. Their previous outsourcing provider was not able to correctly format their DJDE Reports. Users could not print between locations. Now, QDirect allows them redundancy between sites and the ability to print reports based on priority rather than FIFO.

Savings on printers and outsourcing costs, with the added benefit of getting Reports printed on time and correctly, with the redundancy that is required in Banking has made RSA a provider this customer can bank on.

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