An Educated Consumer Converts to RDOPrint for Document Conversion

An educated customer's case study.

Change is good.

Change often brings new possibilities, cost savings, increased efficiencies and more satisfied users. In short, change is good... as long as the change is done right.

Many organizations are seeking to change from working with a single printer vendor to a more open platform. The hope is that they can achieve the same quality or better, with more choices for printers through a more open, more competitive environment.

One such enterprise changed from Xerox printers to a diverse set of Production PostScript printers, but they had a growing library of Xerox FreeFlow™ Makeready DigiPath RDO files to deal with. RDO (Raster Docu- ment Object) files contain makeready instructions for a specific Production Printer, and are unique to Xerox. The customer settled on CoExist as their mechanism to convert their RDO files. This proved to be a mistake. Multiple licenses were required. The entire process was difficult and the customer needed better response to their conversion and support issues.

Enter RDOPrint

The client’s new printer vendor recommended switching to RDOPrint from Rochester Software Associates, Inc. RDOPrint is a proven tool for converting DigiPath RDO files to PostScript (as well as PDF with XML job tickets) and it comes with the support and backing of RSA, with two decades of transform experience.

The customer, and the vendor, really appreciated RSA’s support of both the product and the customer’s needs. RSA’s development and support team earned such praise as “Great job!”, “Excellent!”, and “Cannot say enough good things about them!”

Some Like It Hot

In addition to RSA’s support, what appealed to the customer the most was RDOPrint’s “Hot Folder” support. With Hot Folders, RDOPrint runs in the background, watching a folder for new RDO jobs. Upon arrival, RDO- Print automatically converts the jobs to PostScript that is formatted for the new Production Printers.

Trust But Verify

RSA did an awesome job of providing the RDOPrint license with the Hot Folder solution at this account.

RSA had to earn the trust of the customer and they did so with product samples. The customer provided sample electronic RDO files, along with hardcopy examples of the finished product.

RSA demonstrated the ability of RDOPrint to create PostScript that delivered the same finished product using the new target printer.

The samples, along with RSA’s assurance of future support throughout the transition, and beyond, made the sale and conversion a reality.

Change for the Better

RSA’s RDOPrint, with Hot Folder support, allowed the customer to replace CoExist with support for several printers. Today, RDOPrint is in production, servicing multiple printers seamlessly and reliably.

“RSA did an awesome job providing RDOPrint license with the Hot Folder solution at this account,” noted the printer vendor representative.

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