National Computer Distributor Puts Paper in its Place with Powerful Tools from RSA

A computer distributor case study.

The experts told us that the computer age was supposed to bring us “The Paperless Office”. However, the reality is that computers and other high technology items have created reams of documents in the form of installation guides, user manuals, and other associated paperwork. Not to mention the documentation associated with selling, shipping, and financing the actual equipment itself!

A Distribution Center’s Distributed Print Centers

One of the largest computer and computer part distributors, with locations on both coasts, had a dilemma. Users working on documents in New York, often needed to print those documents in California, and vice-versa.

A Distributor for Print Jobs

QDirect, from Rochester Software Associates, Inc., acts as a distributor for their print jobs.

Jobs are sent to QDirect which determines which printer, at which location, to send the output to, based on customizable job characteristics. Ban- ner pages can be generated to assist in sorting the output.

Out With the Old, In With the New

In addition, users were generating documents on mainframes, using legacy LCDS data streams, which required expensive, proprietary dedicated printers. RSA’s M.I.S. Print was brought in to transform their legacy data streams to industry standard PostScript, with confidence thanks to RSA’s 100% Guarantee.

They were able to eliminate the expense of a proprietary printer, and move legacy printing to a faster, modern PostScript Production Printer.

Double the Savings

Not only did the addition of RSA’s M.I.S. Print eliminate the need for a dedicated mainframe printer, but with QDirect, the distributor was able to eliminate multiple legacy printers. All output can be consolidated on faster, newer, more efficient production printers, saving money in equipment, consumables, maintenance, real estate, utilities and more!

The Journey is Not the Reward

Jobs are sent electronically to their destination, and automatically printed at local printers. This saves on interoffice and shipping expenses, not to mention time delays in getting documents from one coast to the other.

Count On It

Another highly appreciated feature of QDirect is built-in record keeping. This enables thorough accounting of all print jobs. Since all print jobs flow through QDirect, it becomes a much more manageable task for print center operators as well as executives to keep track of how much printing the Enterprise is doing.

The Paperless Office

While the paperless office might be a myth, this customer was able to put paper in its place by converting legacy print jobs for use on modern printers, and to route all jobs to the appropriate location.

Everything In Its Place

With a little help from RSA’s workflow solutions, everything can be accounted for, and all items end up where they are supposed to. Now that’s something any distributor can relate to.

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