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Rochester Software Associates Launches TicketMe New Job Ticket Conversion Product

  • Rochester, NY
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  • March 22, 2011

Rochester Software Associates (RSA), provider of production print workflow software solutions for in-plants and corporate print centers, announces the launch of TicketMe™, enhanced job ticket conversion software that provides the flexibility to print jobs to any production printer without re-ticketing.

Using RSA's AnyPrint™ technology, TicketMe converts the proprietary formats in print jobs created by popular make ready and workflow tools to formats that are compatible with production printers from multiple manufacturers.

Used as a stand-alone application, TicketMe provides corporate print centers with the following benefits:

  • Simplify workflows and improve flexibility and delivery time
  • Give operators the freedom to print to the "best" printer for the job
  • Use one workflow software application to drive devices from multiple manufacturers

RSA's Senior Vice President, Tim Kelly stated, "TicketMe allows greater choice of production printers for our customers, an increasing need as print centers operating in a mixed printer environment become more common." Continuing he said, "Our customers and partners have told us how efficient it is to be able retain current workflows when equipment or software change. TicketMe allows them to make printer selections independent of workflow, potentially saving thousands of dollars in expenditures and lost productivity."

TicketMe is available April 1, 2011 directly from RSA and through RSA's partners. To learn more about TicketMe, visit

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About the Author

Rochester Software Associates

Rochester Software Associates (RSA) is the only company in the industry to provide prepresstransformoutput management, and Web to Print software solutions to support digital production print workflows. For over 35 years, our customers have used RSA solutions to turn printing into productivity™, automating their print centers and seamlessly converging printing from the data center, in-plant, and distributed enterprise print environments. RSA’s proprietary AnyPrint™ technology works across production printers, enabling RSA software to send fully ticketed print jobs to all production print devices from the major print vendors, eliminating the need to manually re-ticket jobs. 

RSA's AnyPrint technology is a core technology embedded in all RSA products. Products like WebCRD, the leading Web to print software for in-plants, QDirect Output Manager, and ReadyPrint prepress software maximize employee productivity and corporate profitability, boost operating efficiency, increase print volume without increasing staff, and delight customers with better turnaround times and 24/7 access. 

For more information, visit

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