TicketMe - Convert Xerox FreeFlow Makeready and SmartBoard output to print on your production printers

Submit ticketed documents to devices from many manufacturers.


Submit fully ticketed print jobs without re-ticketing to production printers from multiple manufacturers. TicketMe uses RSA's AnyPrint Technology to convert job tickets created by popular make ready and workflow tools such as Xerox FreeFlow Makeready and Kodak SmartBoard from their proprietary formats to formats compatible with production printers from other manufacturers.


TicketMe Workflow

Benefits & Features


Transform Job Tickets. Transform business performance. TicketMe gives you greater choice to print anywhere, offering these business benefits:

  • Drive devices from many manufactures with one application
  • Seamlessly integrate into multi-device workflow with no additional operator training
  • Improve flexibility and time to delivery by simplifying workflows
  • Provide operators with the freedom to print to the "best" printer for the application

Only one company has been leading the industry for more than 30 years with submission, variable data, transformation, prepress and output management solutions that assure customer success. See for yourself why so many enterprises rely on Rochester Software Associates to turn printing into productivity. Contact us today to learn more.


Now, it's possible to submit ticketed print jobs to devices from many manufacturers. TicketMe:

  • Supports diverse multi-vendor print center hardware and software
  • Converts all ticketing functions and job attributes
  • Processes files automatically as pass-thru print or manually using the User Interface
  • View, store, and print on select production printers
  • Allows greater choice of production printers

For larger job volumes, ticketing to multiple printers, or creating or modifying job tickets, see RSA's QDirect Pro.


Input Format

  • PDF with KDK tickets
  • PDF with XPIF/XRX tickets
  • PS with XPIF/XRX tickets
  • Kodak SmartBoard Direct Print path
  • Kodak SmartBoard PDFs
  • Xerox FreeFlow Makeready Production Print Path

Input Methods

  • Interactive Batch
  • Network - LPR
  • Network - RAW Socket
  • Hot Folder

Output Methods

  • Network - LPR
  • Network - RAW Socket
  • Hot Folder

Production Devices Supported

  • Canon / Océ with Fiery, PRISMAsync or internal controllers
  • Konica Minolta with Fiery or internal controllers
  • Ricoh with Fiery or internal controllers
  • Xerox with Fiery, FreeFlow® Print Server or internal controllers

System Requirements

  • Runs on customer supplied Windows PC
  • Minimum Requirements:
      • 2 Ghz Processor or better
      • 4 GB of RAM
      • 16 GB available hard disk space
      • Windows 10 (64-bit)

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