LegalPrint - Automated E-Discovery Printing, PDF Conversion, and Accounting

Automated Batch Printing and Streamlined E-Discovery for Legal Firms


Even as the legal industry has migrated to Electronic Discovery (E-Discovery), electronically stored files and hard copy documents must still be printed to become part of the litigation process. Making users individually open, print, and close each file, email, and email attachment is a time consuming and error-prone process. Additionally, tracking and recovering all the associated costs requires exhaustive manual accounting. Fortunately, this process can be automated with LegalPrint.

LegalPrint automated batch printing software automates the E-Discovery process for Law firms and legal service providers by converting hard copy and electronically stored files from their native format to print ready PDFs for printing on production printers.

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LegalPrint enables you to:

  • Print Electronic Discovery files from CDs, DVDs, or other removable media with full accounting
  • Automate Bates stamping and watermarking
  • Prepare legal documents faster and more efficiently
  • Automate accounting with automated case, client, and matter number tracking and reporting


Legal Print Workflow

LegalPrint takes input from removable media, network and hard copy, and batch processes it for printing on production printers. LegalPrint can be used as one installation with one output device, or scale it to multiple PCs processing files concurrently. For large volume needs, add QDirect, RSA's Output Manager.

Benefits & Features


  • Improve E-Discovery efficiency and accuracy
  • Reduce labor costs of printing and report assembly
  • Simplify cost recovery with complete accounting
  • Increase client satisfaction by reducing delays, errors and added costs


  • Automated native document conversion to PDF
  • Selectively choose file types to process or ignore
  • Document ordering
  • Automatic banner/cover and table of contents page creation
  • Creation and insertion of printed tabs
  • Summary page creation with table of contents, excluded, and unprocessed files
  • Integrated Bates stamping and watermarking
  • Local job accounting tracking
  • Optional QDirect integration to manage print to multiple printers
  • Full job ticketing with supported devices
  • TWAIN scanning interface for low volume hard copy processing

Implementation Options

LegalPrint can be used a number of ways:

Stand Alone Options

  • Process and send jobs from one LegalPrint install to one printer (1:1).
  • Run multiple, concurrently processing 1:1 LegalPrint setups.

Integrated Options

  • Combine LegalPrint with QDirect to concurrently process and send jobs from one or more LegalPrint installs through QDirect to one or more printers.
    Legal Print + QDirect

    Use QDirect to automate load balancing, bundle jobs, and utilize advanced job accounting. Also manage your client matter database, validate user and client information, and run consolidated accounting and reporting across multiple LegalPrint licenses with QDirect's advanced accounting features.

Solution Examples

Challenge Solution
Batch Print Native Documents Use LegalPrint to select files of various formats from removable media, hard drives or network storage. LegalPrint will automatically convert them all to standardized PDF files and print each. LegalPrint will also generate banner sheets containing document information and a summary list of all the files that were printed, excluded, or unprocessed due to corruption or password protection.
Print Case Documents Received as Email Attachments Staff can save an emailed print request as an .eml file. LegalPrint will process the .eml file, create an individual PDF for every email and each attachment and automatically send to the printer, including banner and summary pages.
Bates Stamp or Watermark Documents LegalPrint can apply multiple Bates stamps and watermarks to any document it processes. It can also acquire hard copy documents from any connected or networked TWAIN scanning device, including an MFP, and print a stamped and watermarked output to the same device.
Assemble Multiple Types of Documents in Specific Order with Tabs LegalPrint can be used simply to assemble documents in various formats, put the documents in a specific order, and print and insert tabs at appropriate locations- ideal for 1,000+ -page legal case documents, pharmaceutical research study reports, and more.


RSA Provides:

  • Core module (Includes license for 1 PC. License required for each additional input PC)
  • QDirect (optional for printer load balancing)

Customer Provides:

  • PC with Windows 10 (64-bit)
  • Microsoft Office Suite

Production Devices Supported:

  • Production printers from leading vendors including Canon/Océ, Kodak, Konica Minolta, Kyocera, Hewlett- Packard, Ricoh, Sharp,
    Toshiba and Xerox.

File Types Supported:

  • Microsoft Outlook .PST email folders, including email attachments
  • Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Publisher, and Visio
  • PDF
  • Email (.eml or .msg)
  • XML and HTML
  • PostScript PS Level II, III

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